Absorb the health benefits of magnesium through your skin.

Proven by research

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Superior grade magnesium spray to boost exercise performance

We make high-quality and effective magnesium spray that relieves muscle soreness and speeds your recovery from intense workout. Mg2plus magnesium spray is optimised for rapid absorption through skin and helps target the muscle you are working on. It is the only product that is backed by original scientific research conducted at the University of Queensland, that proved magnesium’s ability to permeate the skin barrier. ​

What our customers say...

Ainsley Smith

Personal trainer

Darwin, Australia

This product works!!!

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Yui Matsuoka

Gold Coast, Australia

I’d fully recommend it

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Karen Lewis

Business Owner

Darwin, Australia

Works great for knee pain

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Most customers get hooked to our magnesium spray with their first use... 
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Ultra pure magnesium formulated for rapid absorption through skin.


Made from 100 % naturally sourced, high quality magnesium chloride.


World's first topical spray scientifically proven to deliver magnesium across your skin.


Safe for use by children, pregnant & breastfeeding women and elderly.

Magnesium Spray


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Unfortunately, studies suggest that about 80% of Australians get less than the recommended daily amount of magnesium.

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